Architectural Studio Apxe

privite investor
Studio APXE Ltd
arch. G. Nikolov, S. Draganova, arch. B. Takov, eng. Z. Bozhilov, eng. A. Kaneva, eng. K. Todorov
Sq. Area:
300 m2
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House "Ekaterina" with passive house components 

Studio APXE redisigns the existing Ekaterina project by Stoicho Manov architect, developping new energy concept and documentation for construction; designs and manages the implementation, retrofitting with all passive house components to accomplish new comfort of habitation, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

The exterior envelope of the house is superinsulated, with thicknesses of the insulation material on all external components above 30 cm, passive house windows with triple glazing - certified in PHI, airtight envelope - Blowerdoor tested, comfort ventilation system with heat recovery, etc. Due to unfavorable orientation, incompact shape and inevitable thermal bridges from the previous design that cannot be neutralized, the house is to be classified as low-energy house. PHPP data: Specific space heat demand - 30 kWh/m2, specific primary energy demand - 86 kWh/m2a.

The project is in progress and will be completed soon.