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Single family passive house in Kniajevo, Sofia 

This is one of our most challenging projects in 2018. The reason is the difficulty to manage the steep terrain, which until recently had an abandoned construction, demolished. To this factor was added the very specific, and at times unexpected and often variable, functional assignment of the client. In the end, we managed to reach the solution that balances the requirements of the client with the characteristics of the plot, hand in hand with adhering to the extremely tight budget frame.
Though it probably does not beat, it's a pretty large single-family house, with an area of about 700 sq.m. It has a garage for 4 cars, a gym, a spacious living room, a library, a children's play room, 3 bedrooms, a separate rooftop apartment, a total of 5 bathrooms, a summer kitchen with large terraces.
The architectural solution is built on the principle of embedding volumes in the terrain with simplification and compaction of the outer surface. On the other hand, the aim was to use just a few means of expression and façade materials. As with our other projects, we have put on the natural and most durable materials: visible concrete, timber, titanium-zinc sheet, window systems with high-end parameters.
Comfort of habitation remains a priority for us and we have not made compromises with it. In this direction, the energy efficiency of a passive house standard is a routine practice for us. On that basis we build it with a lot of attention to the factors: natural light at the best exposure and view to Vitosha mountain. Thermal comfort in winter and in summer is guaranteed with optimal glazing and the properly integrated sun protection of all windows exposed to solar radiation.
This project has one of the most optimized construction budgets in our portfolio. We were given the task for a traditional construction of cast in-situ reinforced concrete, with the brick walls, well known to all in Sofia. We have put together a tender for the selection of suppliers and builders with a project total cost of 657 Euro / m2 to complete the building (indoor furniture excluded only). This is a great success for us given the high quality of the materials and systems and on the other hand, given the relatively high percentage of underground areas.

The project is in the progress of implementation. Completions is expected within 12 months. Studio APXE Ltd is chosen for the complete project management and QA of construction.
More news about the project is coming soon.