Architectural Studio Apxe

Valerie and Frank Schmidt
Studio APXE Ltd.
arch. Georgi Nikolov, Silvia Draganova, Boshko Takov
Sq. Area:
430 м2
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Energyplus Villa Schmidt© 

Energyplus Villa Schmidt©

Specific space heat demand: 14.9 kWh/(m2a), calculated in PHPP;

Specific primary energy demand (primary energy for heating, hot water and household electricity) : 60 kWh/(m2a), calculated in PHPP;

Energy conservation by solar electricity: 75 kWh/(m2a);

Heating load: 14 W/m2

The future house of Valerie and Frank Schmidt will be built on the territory of Ravnishte village near Pravets. The design of the family house will cover fully the requirements of the passive house standard and will be calculated with the aid of the PHPP methodic by „Passivhaus Institut Dr. Wolfgang Feist”. The design includes photovoltaic modules and solar collectors for the energy independence of the building. The construction permission was obtained April 2009 so the implementation is soon to be started.

Schmidt house is a plus energy house, because the energy produced by the PV modules is more than the total energy demand of the building!